Tortiglioni Petraviglia

Dimensioni: 50 mm.
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Cooking time 3 minuti c.a.

Product features

The Tortiglioni "Petraviglia" are obtained from a totally integral stone-ground flour, coming from 100% Italian grains cultivated according to specification.
In this way, the flour retains all the nutritional properties of the grain with a greater richness compared to the most refined into fibers, vitamins and mineral salts, proteins and enzymes resulting in better digestible because of the more slowly absorbable carbohydrates.


Ingredients: wolewheat flour (softwheat) Petra, fresh pasteurised egg (25%).

Product details

Average unit weight: 5 gr.

Cooking time: 3 minuti c.a.

Yield: 75%

Serving: 100 gr. di prodotto crudo

Package format: sacchetto da due kg.

Sales unit: cartone da un sacchetto

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