Gran Bologna, Italian pasta supplier for hotels, restaurants and catering distribution


Company mission: the Italian gastronomic tradition and new technologies

Gran Bologna is an innovative  pasta manufacturer company that delivers handmade pasta to food service. The business has been producing fresh egg pasta  destined to the wholesale distribution for over 20 years.
Gran Bologna combines its love for Italian cuisine tradition to food preservation high technology: the company mission is to preserve the Italian handmade pasta making tradition, providing the wholesale distribution with its frozen fresh pasta dishes.

Products: frozen fresh pasta for restaurants, hotels and catering

Gran Bologna stands out among Italian food  wholesalers producing frozen fresh pasta teaming up with chefs and food specialists, so to guarantee a genuine, safe, easy to digest, good in taste and healthy product, even to the food catering industry: restaurants, hotels, cafes  aiming at serving fresh pasta and filled pasta just like the home made one done by the “sfogline” (female pasta-making matriarch using traditional techniques,  The word “sfoglia” means in fact “large sheets of pasta” in Italian).

A sensorial journey through Italian handmade regional pasta dishes

Tortellini e dintorni” (“Tortellini & co.”)  is Granbologna gastronomic journey’s silver thread through the world of pasta dishes.  Tortellini is a special kind of filled pasta, one of Bologna’s gastronomic symbols along with Mortadella (mostly known abroad as Bologna /boloni/). 
A sensorial journey starting from Emilia-Romagna region, going over several pasta specialties belonging to each different region, landing to organic pasta made of durum wheat semolina, high in protein and easy to digest, even to those showing  intolerance towards traditional wheat.
Bologna features as the starting point: a city not by chance  known as “la grassa” (“Bologna the fat”) for its variety of food and tasty dishes:  Lasagne made with fresh pasta,  is one of the most outstanding actual Bolognese kind of pasta. Forbes itself pointed out Emilia-Romagna as “Italy's Greatest Gastronomic Treasure” in 2013.
Our childhood’s home is the setting of this journey through the memories of taste. Gran Bologna brings the Emiliane housewives’ (the so called zdore, a word belonging to the bolognese dialect) out of their time and kitchen boundaries to the present, catering its fresh egg pasta dishes to the food service.

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